Cupid series precision laser cleaning machine

①Large laser spot, high single pulse energy fiber laser;

②Simple operation and efficient multiple laser cleaning patterns

③Multiple safety operation locks ,can store multiple sets of working parameters

Application scenarios

Customer Use Cases

 Automobile Tire Mold Cleaning

Automotive industry parts rust and paint removal, replacing traditional processes


PVD Coating Removal

Efficiently metal surface coating cleaned to eliminate the harm of chemicals to the environment;

Electrophoretic Paint Cleaning

Cleaning of oil, oxidation and other residues on metal surfaces

Maintenance Of Precision Mould

Online maintenance of precision molds, etc., without disassembly to improve production efficiency;

Rocket Engine Part Clean / Battery Cover

Cleaning applications in the aerospace industry

Soot on wood

Painting of wooden doors and windows, houses, etc., as well as soot cleaning after fires, dry cleaning to prevent mold

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