Professional Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Backpack lightweight design cabinet and minimal cleaning head
  • Simple operation and efficient multiple
    laser cleaning patterns
  • Using ultra-short pulse, ultra-high frequency mini fiber laser
  • Less tiring operation, higher cleaning efficiency
  • Single person operation, no auxiliary equipment required, saving money and labor

①Lightweight and fully enclosed design, convenient for presentations anytime and anywhere

②Air-cooled laser, no warm-up time required

③Ultra-high frequency air-cooled pulsed fiber laser for laser cleaning

④Luggage-style fully enclosed design and mini cleaning head

  • Large laser spot, high single pulse energy fiber laser
  • Simple operation and efficient multiple laser cleaning patterns
  • Multiple safety operation locks ,can store multiple sets of working parameters
No harm to base material
Conveniently retrieve storedprocess parameters
Highly integrated
green and environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Achieve ultra-high laser power large-area
    cleaning and improve laser cleaning efficiency
  • Cover wider work area without having to move
    equipment frequently
  • Heavy machinery maintenance, rust, paint and
    corrosion removal

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