Trolley laser cleaning machine

Trolley laser cleaning machine

①Ultra-High Frequency Air-Cooled Pulsed Fiber Laser For Laser Cleaning 
②Simple Operation And Efficient Multiple Laser Cleaning Patterns
③Luggage-style Fully Enclosed Design And Mini cleaning Head

  • Air-Cooled Laser, No Warm-Up Time Required

  • No Need For Chemicals And Other Media, Green And Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Method

  • Lightweight And Fully Enclosed Design, Convenient For Presentations Anytime And Anywhere

  • Optical Accessories Are Fully Wrapped For Safe Transportation And Better Buffering Effect.

  • Single Phase 110V And 220V Power supply , More Energy-Saving
Trolley laser cleaning machine

Application Scenarios

Laser surface textur

Metal Surface Texturing Treatment

Maintenance of Stone Artworks, Cultural Relics, Sculptures, Etc., Non-Damage And Non-Contact Cleaning.

Oxide laser cleaning

Oxide Removal

Rust Removal, Paint Removal And Surface Oxide Cleaning.

Trolley laser cleaning machine

Oil Stain Removal

Remove Oil Stains From Utensils in The Food industry without Organic Solvents.

Trolley laser cleaning machine

Paint Clean

Rust Removal, Paint Removal And Surface Oxide Cleaning.

200W air cooling po

Soot Clean From Wood

Painting Of Wooden Doors And windows, Houses, Etc., As Well As Soot Cleaning After Fires, Dry Cleaning To Prevent Mold

Trolley laser cleaning machine

Old Grease Clean From Deepfry

Remove Oil Stains From Utensils In TheFood industry Without Organic Solvents

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