Backpack laser cleaning machine

①Using ultra-short pulse, ultra-high frequency mini fiber laser

②Simple operation and efficient multiple laser cleaning patterns

③Backpack lightweight design cabinet and minimal cleaning head

Application scenarios

Urban graffiti

Maintenance of building exterior walls, monuments, etc. to solve the problem of difficult high-altitude operations

City Sculpture Partial Cleaning Display

Urban graffiti cleaning requires no consumables or other auxiliary equipment.

Ceramic coating on aluminum plate

 Household rust and paint removal, economical and practical

Weld bead clean

Weld bead cleaning to remove stubborn oxide layers

Paint on wood

Painting of wooden doors and windows, houses, etc., as well as soot cleaning after fires, dry cleaning to prevent mold

Paint on bricks

Maintenance of stone artworks, cultural relics, sculptures, etc., non-damage and non-contact cleaning;

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