Application Of Laser Cleaning Process In PVD Coating Industry

Application Research Of Laser Cleaning In Tire Mold And High-Speed Rail Industry

PVD is physical vapor deposition, which is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world. Its working principle is that under vacuum conditions, the gas or the evaporated material is partially ionized by gas discharge, and the evaporated material or its reactant is deposited on the substrate at the same time as the bombardment of the gas ions or the evaporated material ions. It has the characteristics of fast deposition speed and clean surface, especially has the advantages of strong film adhesion, good winding, and a wide range of plated materials.


We actually came into situation that we need some solution for cleaning the equipment of PVD coating. That equipment consists of rolling drum, holder, plates etc. which became contaminated with PVD coating in vacuum chamber. All equipment in that way have many layers of different materials which during evaporation adheres to it .


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