Does Continuous Laser Suitable For Laser Cleaning

Cupid series precision laser cleaning machine

When choosing laser cleaning equipment, many customers tend to entangle the following issues:

  1. What type of laser to choose, pulse laser or continuous laser?
  1. Is a pulsed laser best for me?
  1. Does continuous laser suitable for laser cleaning?

Based on my 11 years of experience in the laser industry, today I will share with you some of my insights on laser cleaning and answer your frequently asked questions:

  1. The principle of laser cleaning is to use the instantaneous high temperature of the laser and the absorption of the contaminants to the laser to strip and evaporate the impurities on the surface of the product, which has achieved the effect of surface cleaning.
  1. As more and more countries have higher and higher environmental protection requirements, laser cleaning is constantly being updated. The first CO2 gas laser is used for laser cleaning, followed by semiconductor laser cleaning, and now the most popular fiber laser cleaning.
  1. Fiber lasers are currently the most stable and longest service life lasers. Generally, the service life can reach 100,000 hours (depending on the working scenario)
  1. At present, the mainstream fiber lasers used for laser cleaning in the market are pulsed lasers and continuous lasers, both of which can be used for laser cleaning.
  1. Before choosing laser cleaning equipment, we must clarify a truth:

Any laser equipment is not omnipotent, it cannot solve all your needs, but can only meet your specific needs or part of the needs. If there is a laser cleaning equipment that can meet all your needs, then the biggest feature of this equipment is that it is super expensive.

  1. Understand the above truth, and then we have to judge our main cleaning applications, as well as the surface roughness requirements, can accept the surface damage (slight or obvious) or can not damage the product surface.

Of course, the acceptance of damage to the surface of the product is relative, not absolute, because any laser will damage the surface of the product to a certain extent. If you accept it, it is a laser that does not damage the substrate. If you do not accept it, it means damage the Substrate.

  1. So pulsed laser is not necessarily the best for you, and continuous laser cleaning is not necessarily not suitable for you.

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