Application Research Of Laser Cleaning In Tire Mold And High-Speed Rail Industry

Application Research Of Laser Cleaning In Tire Mold And High-Speed Rail Industry

In the production of tires, the mold is an indispensable tool. The quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the tire. There are patterns and logo patterns in the molds of tires or products. These are all engraving techniques, which are relatively delicate and are easily covered by rubber during use. The use of molds is carried out under certain pressure and high frequency conditions, which will inevitably accumulate a large amount of rubber material. When the material accumulates to a certain extent, it will affect the surface shape of the tire or product and make the product a secondary The mold surface must be cleaned frequently.

The application of molds has promoted industrial production, and the cleaning of molds has become a problem that people have always been concerned about. After long-term exploration and practice, people have accumulated many methods for cleaning molds. Initially, the method of immersion in high temperature salt water was used for mold cleaning, but this method is inefficient. It is mainly used for cleaning small molds, while it takes time and effort for large molds. With the development of the times, sandblasting cleaning has been produced, which is also the most commonly used method by modern people. In specific applications, sand, glass balls or plastic beads are commonly used. However, this cleaning method will damage the surface of the mold, affect the quality of the product, shorten the service life of the mold, and increase the production cost. In recent years, among the methods of cleaning molds, commonly used methods are: chemical cleaning, dry ice, high-pressure water cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. However, these cleaning methods still have certain limitations in terms of scale and cleaning efficiency. Moreover, these methods have a certain degree of pollution, so they cannot fully meet the needs of environmental protection. According to the needs of society, the tire and rubber products industry still needs a high-efficiency, low-cost, and environmentally-free cleaning technology. Therefore, laser cleaning is slowly being widely used in the tire mold industry.

Rail transit equipment is mainly used for the maintenance and repair of subway equipment, and the workpieces that need to be cleaned are the wheel-set shafts that have been on the subway for a long time. In the process of cleaning the wheel-set shafts, the wheel-set shafts must be cleaned under the premise that no oxidation streaks are generated. Clean, and then proceed to flaw detection. Although there are many researches on laser cleaning technology at home and abroad, there are still relatively few studies on the maintenance of rail transit wheel-to-axes, especially how to combine the requirements of wheel-to-axle paint removal. In order to ensure the requirements of cleaning efficiency, laser cleaning is proposed. Technology, through the robot integration of different laser combinations, reasonable determination of the parameters of each laser process, to ensure the efficiency of paint removal and surface quality.

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