ZJ-CM300-LC Precision Laser cleaning machine

Hercules series aggressive laser cleaning machine
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DongGuan Jez Technology Co.,Ltd is a new high-tech company which provide advanced laser technology support and integrated solution for surface treatment industry and metal fabrication for customers .


Before foundation , JezTech already worked with lots of famous component suppliers and industry technical experts , with years of continuously improvement on technical and machine quality , now JezTech is accepted by more and more customers global .


Main products and business of JezTech including:

Laser cleaning machine ,laser marking machine ,laser welding machine ,laser cutting machine ,  weld bead cleaning machine , full set system solution and accessories .

Newest laser technology melt with traditional processing ways , JezTech is not only aiming to cover the shortage of conventional process ,but greatly improving precision and working efficiency on surface treatment and metal fabrication industries ,then meet highly requirements about environmental safety , new products process and new industry development .


Basing on profession,providing more suitable solution !

Welcome to choosing Jeztech .


Product Introduction

Laser cleaning is the latest and most cutting-edge surface precision cleaning technology on the market.

The high energy efficiency and instant high temperature of the laser are used to produce an explosion-like effect on the surface of the product, and the impurities and materials that need to be removed from the surface are stripped and evaporated to obtain a satisfactory high-quality surface treatment effect.

Compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, small footprint, high flexibility, and easy operation, and is accepted by more and more customers.


  1. Wider Adjustable Laser Beam Width Standard 100mm ;
  2. 2D Focus Lens Keeps Best Work Ability6 Laser Cleaning Modes  More Efficient;
  3. Best Water Cooling For Long time WorkMore Lighter 1.35KG Handhold Clean Head ;
  4. Best Domestic Fiber Laser Source Which With More Competitive Price;
  5. Beam delivery byflexible fiber optic fber cable up to 5meters long(option) ;
  6. No consumable parts ,more than 10 years machine service life;




Applicable materials and industries

1.Precision mold surface cleaning

2.Cleaning of semiconductor materials, such as graphite, etc.

3.Surface cleaning of precision mechanical parts

4.Product cleaning with high surface roughness and effect requirements

5.Auto tire mold cleaning


Specifications(For reference only)

Laser Power300W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Pulse width(ns)130-140
Pulse repetition frequency(KHZ)10-50
Max Single Pulse Energy(MJ)12.5
Laser sourceRaycus Fiber laser source
Working Humidity<70%
Working Temperature5-40°C
Power Supply

1PH / 220V±10% / 50-60HZ / 20A


Power Consumption3500W
Size1080 x 710 x 1170mm
Net Weight210KG
Cooling WayWater cooling
Laser TypePulse
Length of fiber cable(m)10 (Option)

Laser Beam Width




Cleaning Head


2D Cleaning Head


Laser beam types6 different types
Cleaning head safety buttonYes
Weight of cleaning head1.35KG
LED light on headYes / 2 pieces
  • Guarantee :2 Years for laser source ,1 year for other parts


Delivery time : 15-20 working days after advanced payment


Payment Term : 50% advanced payment ,50% before machine left factory


Packing : Plywood box packing (non-fumigation)

六.Sample Pictures

Oxide laser cleaning Trolley laser cleaning machine Laser surface textur



七.6 different laser beam shapes


八.Newest generation aluminium water cooling handheld cleaning head


(Newest design water cooling head with aluminium cover)


  • Comparison with traditional clean methods
ComparisionLaser CleaningChemical CleaningMechanical GrindingDry ice cleaning
Cleaning Methodnon-contact cleaningcontact cleaningAbrasive contact cleaningnon-contact cleaning
Harm to base materialNoneYesYesNone
ConsumablePowerChemical DetergentAbrasive paper, grinder, abrasive stoneDry Ice
Cleaning resultVery good, very clearMedium, unevenMedium, unevenGood, uneven
AccuracyAccuracy controllable. High precisionUncontrollable, low precision.Uncontrollable, medium precision.Uncontrollable, poor precision.
EnvironmentalNo pollutionChemical pollutionDust pollutionNo pollution
OperationEasy to operate, portable or automation optional.Complicated process, higher technical required of the operator. Pollution prevention measures required.Need more time & manpower. Pollution prevention measures required.Easy to operate, portable or automatic.
InvestmentHigh investment on machine. But no consumable, low maintenance costLow investment on machine. But expensive consumablesMedium investment on machine. High labor cost.Medium investment on machine. High consumable cost.

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