How To Choose Suitable Laser Cleaning System

Laser cleaning of A

一.Distinguish from the surface quality requirements,there are two types laser cleaning machchine ,aggressive and non-aggressive which are relative ,not absolute .

Aggressive laser cleaning:

Mainly for roughly surface and parts cleaning ,for example rust ,painting ,maintenance of construction machinery ,oil and gas pipe cleaning ……

Will leave some texture on surface of parts ,little damage to the base material ,will deformation for thin metal

Non-Aggressivelaser cleaning:

Mainly for precision and high surface quality requirements cleaning ,for example mold cleaning ,engine resoration ,AL air cylinder cleaning ……

No damage to the substrate and no Texture on part surface .

二.Distinguish from type of laser ,there are continuous laser cleaning and pulsed laser cleaning.

Continuous laser cleaning :

Limited application , mainly used for cleaning the surface of rough products, affordable price, and the heat-affected area is large.

Plused laser cleaning :

Wide range of applications, small heat affected area, relatively expensive.

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