Instructions And Precautions For Laser Cleaning Machine

Instructions And Precautions For Laser Cleaning Machine

Instructions and precautions for laser cleaning machine


  1. Basic safety protection concepts and protection measures for lasers

The laser class is Class 4 Laser. Under no circumstances should you look directly at the laser beam and its exit, including the mirror reflection.

Laser equipment, personnel without special training or permission are not allowed to operate and maintain the equipment. Read the contents of the operation manual carefully before operation, and pay attention to the relevant regulations of safety protection.

The protective devices around the laser light path system cannot be dismantled arbitrarily to prevent the laser from leaking out and causing injury to personnel.

Regular facility safety inspections. The operator must regularly check all safety facilities, circuits (including grounding), and the chiller circulation system to ensure that they are functioning normally.

In the event of an earthquake, fire, power outage, or water cut, please turn off the laser power first to prevent accidents.

The air extraction and ventilation equipment must be kept in normal operation, and the air exhausted outside must be filtered first.

Before laser processing, pay attention to the processing environment and do not place reflective materials or unnecessary metal objects.

Before using the laser, pay attention to the ventilation and exhaust conditions of the processing environment.

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