The Thermal Effect Of Laser Cleaning On The Surface Of The Product

Cupid series precision laser cleaning machine
  1. According to the choice of laser type, laser cleaning is divided into continuous laser cleaning and pulsed laser cleaning.
  1. Continuous laser means that the output power is constant in time, and the output is continuous.

Pulsed lasers output an independent pulse in time. Generally, the duration of a single pulse is relatively short, but the pulse frequency can be very high.

  1. Because continuous laser cleaning is a continuous constant power output, the accumulation of surface heat will be very rapid, and the heat affected area will be relatively large. During the cleaning process, the surface impurities will be evaporated and sintered due to the continuous accumulation of laser heat. Some of them will even adhere to the surface of the product under time of cleaning and become difficult to remove. Therefore, continuous laser cleaning is more suitable for rough surface treatment of large-scale structural parts.

Just like hitting the surface of the product with a hammer, the longer the hit lasts, the greater the impact on the surface of the product.


  1. The pulse laser adopts a short pulse width laser, which can achieve different cleaning effects by adjusting the pulse duration and pulse frequency.

The single pulse energy of the pulsed laser is very low, but the pulse frequency can be very high, so the product surface can be cleaned quickly, and the heat-affected zone is small.

It is like using a very fine needle tip to click on the surface with high frequency, which can quickly remove surface impurities and have the least impact on the surface of the product.

  1. No matter which cleaning mode is adopted, it is recommended to prepare a dust collection system to promptly suck away the dust and impurities generated during the cleaning process to improve the cleaning effect and protect the environment.

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